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What is Happening with the SBC with Justin Peters

Apologetics Live episode 114

With the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), we have seen some craziness within the leadership ever since Ed Litton was voted as president. Every day is a new twist. Justin Peters will join us to discuss the issues. If you want to get up to speed you can read some of the articles that have been coming out almost daily from our own Bud Ahlheim. This show has an all-star cast including Andrew Rappaport, Justin Peters, Pastor Jim Osman, and Bud Ahlheim. This is a show you do not want to miss as it has it all, drama, humor, disagreements, and fun.

The conversation starts off with the plagiarism of Ed Litton and JD Greear. They discuss in detail the problems and current happenings in the SBC and why they think many should leave. There was a strong case made to leave. Is it too late to right the ship? Can the conservatives save the denomination? These are some of the issues that are challenged. However, at the end, we hear from an SBC pastor that makes a case to remain in the SBC and fight for the truth. It was a great discussion among brothers in Christ.

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