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Women’s Ministry with Elizabeth Prata

Apologetics Live episode 124

Elizabeth Prata joins Andrew and Anthony to talk about women’s ministry and women discussing theology. A wide range of topics was discussed about women’s ministry. Women’s Bible studies in churches are the source of many problems in churches. They name some names of women in ministry to be avoided and below is a list of solid women that do theology/discernment. A name that came up often is Beth Moore. Elizabeth Prata explains why Beth Moore is so dangerous to the church and why it is so hard for many women to accept the idea that she could be a problem.

Elizabeth Prata blogs at the-end-time.org. She has been blogging every day since 2009 and has over 5500 articles. The blog site is a form of a discernment ministry to help women in their study of God and protect them from error. Her podcast is “The End Time Blog Podcast”, available on Apple and all the rest. Also is a direct widget on the right sidebar at the blog, https://the-end-time.org

Other good women’s ministries:

Dr. Shelbi Cullen & Kimberly Cummings – Women’s Hope Podcast, part of the Master’s University. https://womens-hope.masters.edu/

These podcasters have 25 years of combined experience in biblical discipleship and counseling as ACBC counselors, and their content deals with both theology and practical life issues for women.


Susan Heck – With the Master.

Susan is a certified counselor with the ACBC, recently widowed after 46 years of marriage to her husband, who was a pastor for 50 years, an author, and serves in her church as well as online and at conferences.


Martha Peace – Facebook page

Martha is also an ACBC counselor, speaker, and author. Her books The Excellent Wife and The Exemplary Husband are in 3rd printings and translated into many languages.


Brooke Bartz & Erin Coates Open Hearts Podcast – Open Hearts in a Closed World free online annual conference

Younger and newer to the scene are these two ladies. Brooke is the Founder of Open Heart’s in a Closed World Conference which is now featured on American Gospel TV, and author of “Chronic Love: Trusting God while suffering from a chronic illness.” Co-Host, with her husband, of the “LIT” (Lead in Truth) Podcast.

Erin is wife to Canadian pastor James Coates, conference speaker, and Bible teacher of women.

Erin and Brooke just started a podcast together which will be public in November, and available on AGTV, the BAR Network available on all major podcast streaming, and on the YouTube page-Open Hearts in a Closed World


Amy Spreeman & Michelle Lesley – A Word Fitly Spoken

Amy helped launch a discernment radio program called Stand Up for the Truth, speaks at conferences and women’s groups, and is the founder of Berean Research and Naomi’s Table Bible Studies for Women. She is married with two grown children.

Michelle is a family-focused stay-at-home mom of 6, home school veteran, is active at church and in women’s ministry and trains Christian women through her blog, speaking engagements, and the podcast with Amy.


Lauren Hereford – Tulips and Honey

Host of Tulips and Honey Podcast, and Technical Director of Open Hearts in a Closed World. Lauren is married and is a Reformed, Christian blogger/podcaster who also homeschools her daughter.


Robin Self – A Worthy Walk

Robin is a Baptist pastor’s wife in a tiny town in Oklahoma, serving alongside her husband in church ministry for 28 years. She has 3 grown children.


Melissa Lex – Thoroughly Equipped

A podcast designed for women comparing the popular American Evangelical Woman’s Ministry books, videos, podcasts, etc, to Scripture with the intent to show how it thoroughly equips them for every good work (2Tim. 3:16-17).


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