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#2 – Brian Gunter – The Abolition of Abortion in Louisiana

At the Crossroads on the Abolition of Abortion in Louisiana

Brian Gunter is the Pastor of First Baptist Church Livingston, LA, and has been a faithful advocate for life and abolitionist of abortion in the state of Louisiana for over a decade! In this episode, we examine current events surrounding HB813 and the surrounding controversy this bill has created in 2022. Brian and his colleagues, State Rep. Dan McCormick and Legal Counsel, Bradley Pierce, have faithfully worked hard to write up a bill to grant equal protection to the unborn. Brian addresses what the bill is, objections to the bill, and even confronts the sad response of the “so-called” pro-life movement opposing this bill. Brian has been someone on the frontlines in Louisiana regarding pro-life work, this is a podcast episode you don’t want to miss. Here is some info on HB813 & Abolitionism: Abolitionism: Bill Text: Follow me here on Social Media:

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