This is the 18th part of our series of the Church and today, I have the joy to interview Welsh Pastor Andy Young (Pastor of an EPC church in Oxford, England). He gives an update about the health of the church in general in the U.K. We also talk about his church plant in Oxford and the need for more biblical confessing and reformed churches in England overall. Unlike in America where the average reformed church is somewhere north of 300, in England, it’s less than 100-150 people. This is a very important discussion in our series because how many people remember The Church of England? Do you know that almost half will eventually close their doors in the next decade or so due to the lack of faithful gospel preaching! What is happening in the U.K. is starting to happen here in America, what are some of the lessons to be learned? Pastor Andy gives us some very strong inside heads up along with very uplifting and encouraging notes as well. Enjoy! 

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