We are almost halfway done with Season 2! 

In this part, I talk with Pastor Nate Pickowicz about his new book titled (R.C. Sproul: Defender of the Reformed faith) Pastor Nate is a teaching Pastor for Harvest Bible Church who is an author too. He joins me today, to talk about the late and great bible teacher of our time, R.C. Sproul. This new book is currently available for Kindle on Amazon, please see the link below. We talk about R.C. the teacher, who wanted to bring back the centrality of God in theology. Pastor Nate, helps me understand that this was the mission and calling for R.C. Nate highlights R.C. ministry life throughout different decades of battling for truth with other huge Christian/Reformed/Evangelical believers always in a gentle manner. Although, this is not a traditional bio book per se about R.C., but a very simple and light overview of his life as a real defender of biblical doctrine. Once again, we cannot review the doctrine of the Church without talking about the major impact of the ministry of the great R.C. Sproul. 


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