The Church Series Season 2: Part 14: Interview with Hip Hop Artist Seal da Zeal

Welcome to the Bibletheory Podcast where we review the doctrine of the church from every aspect possible. Today, in this part of the church series. I talk with Seal da Zeal who is a Christian hip-hop artist & a ruling elder in the PCA down in Flordia. It is unavoidable to talk about the doctrine of the church without talking about the doctrine of the end times. More, in particular, the view of Postmillennialism- that “P” word! What is the Postmill view of the rapture? What is the Postmill view about nuclear war? I ask Seal, about his story about how he came to a biblical understanding of the end times. The question is really about, Is Jesus sitting on a real throne, and is Jesus actually ruling right now in the real world and not just in a spiritual way? 

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