The Church Series Season 2: Part 18: Interview w/ John Townsend

Welcome to Bibletheroy Podcast. Where we review and discover and talk about the doctrine of the church from every area possible. In this part of our study of the church, we talk about Ukraine. I get on the phone with John Townsend who has many years of hands-on experience with Ukraine. Lately, Ukraine has been a hot topic in many homes, social media, schools, and politics. While the general coverage has been mostly from a political perspective and potential war. Almost all of them forget about the church in Ukraine, and they forget about the Lord Jesus Christ. Most people just leave God out of the whole subject. I ask John about his ministry work in general, I ask him to tell us about some basic church history with Ukraine which helps us understand just how tied Russia and Ukraine are. John brings key insight to the whole issue from a Christian perspective and comes from that theo-logic point of view. Hope you enjoy this overview of Ukraine. Please continue to support the believers in Ukraine with your time, money, and prayers.

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