The Church Series Season 2: Part 4: Interview with Pastor Andy Quesada (SPANISH)


It’s been a while since I practiced my Spanish!! In this part of my church series, I interview Pastor Andy Quesada from Habana, Cuba. He faithfully serves as a pastor at Nueva Vida (New Life) a Reformed Baptist congregation. Mostly what we know about the tiny nation of Cuba is mostly political and economically, while the nation continues to struggle for freedom in virtually every area of life. The body of Christ is thriving, bearing fruit, and celebrating the riches of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. Please forgive my unused Spanish in this interview as you hear I am rusty, but God was merciful towards me and Pastor Quesada was kind. I learned some very valuable information about the church of Christ in Cuba, some of their prayer requests, their battles with their government, culture, and most of all their joy in the Lord. I hope my very first Spanish interview encourages you as it did for me.

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