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#23: Energy Stewardship and the Lightning Network

In episode 23, David, Will, and Simon ask and answer some of the hard questions about energy stewardship with the goal of properly informing your understanding of Bitcoin’s energy usage today and in the future. We believe that once you truly understand the moral case for both fossil fuels and Bitcoin, you will be able to confidently believe and defend the truth that Bitcoin energy usage may be one of the best and wisest usages of fossil fuels that man has ever created.

Questions for discussion

  • How should Christians view energy usage in general and specifically fossil fuels?
  • Is Bitcoin’s energy usage a moral evil or moral good?
  • Can Bitcoin scale to meet global transaction volumes
  • What is the Lightning network and how do you use it?


  • Fossil fuels are God’s good gift to mankind and using them to generate electrical energy to mine Bitcoin and protect human life is a moral good.
  • Bitcoin energy usage is inherently positive as it protects the value of human time and work.
  • The growth of the Bitcoin network can produce good for the planet in several other ways by using stranded or wasted energy resources, encouraging infrastructure development in underdeveloped regions, and stabilizing the energy grid to support peak demand and baseload energy at an efficient cost.
  • The ESG narrative is unbiblical and must be opposed on a practical and philosophical level.
  • The future of Bitcoin is not tied to the base layer only but will be built by the second layer solutions that will allow for a higher volume of transactions without increased cost or energy usage. Lightning is the best example today, but there may be more.

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