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#25: Privacy, Freedom, & Responsibility

In episode 25, Will, Simon, and David will be drawing together some common threads about privacy, freedom, and responsibility. These topics are increasingly important in our current economic and political climate. Bitcoin provides a unique foundation for God’s children and His church to protect and guard their personal sovereignty.

Questions for discussion

  • As Christians, should we value privacy and freedom?
  • Is bitcoin designed for privacy?
  • How can I learn about and pursue privacy in bitcoin transactions?
  • I purchased my bitcoin with lots of KYC data and very little privacy. What do I do now?


  • God has created us with the right to protect life and property through the exercise of freedom and privacy.
  • These rights are to be exercised in the framework for God’s moral and ethical rule over the universe and not be used as a license for sin.
  • Bitcoin as technology provides the framework for privacy but prioritizes sovereignty and authenticity through its open ledger.
  • To hold Bitcoin privately requires studying and exercising additional techniques to purchase, transfer, and sell Bitcoin without attachment to personal information.
  • Technologies are in development that will make this more accessible and more standard in the future.
  • While you wait, educate yourself and rest in God’s sovereignty that you can hold bitcoin today even if it is not as private as you would like.

Resources Referenced

Bitcoin Privacy by Matt O’Dell (Swan Bitcoin)

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