Bitcoin and the Bible with Will Forsyth, David Forsyth, and Simon Pranaitis

Hosted ByWill Forsyth, David Forsyth, and Simon Pranaitis

A show for Christians who love God’s Word, care about sound money, and want to learn about the moral case for Bitcoin.

#08: Creation: The Original Proof of Work

In the first episode of Season 2 Back to the Bible, Simon, David, and Will take up a careful journey through God’s Word to refine our Biblical worldview with regard to money and then repeatedly answer two questions

  1. Does Bitcoin measure up to God’s standard for sound money?
  2. For a Christian who obeys God’s will for sound money, is Bitcoin the best option?

This episode begins with a focus on the portion of Scripture from Genesis 1-2 which is known as the pre-Fall period, the time before sin and death entered the world. God’s work to create the world in six days and to establish Adam and Eve as caretakers of his creation affects our understanding of how God views work and money.


  • Money is tied to human work which is tied to God’s work
  • Human work is a good endeavor because it reflects God’s work
  • Human work is an active endeavor that requires money to store and transmit energy
  • By storing and transmitting work in money, humans are fulfilling their dominion mandate from God to subdue the earth.

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