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#22: Decentralization & Centralization

In episode 22, David, Will, and Simon discuss whether our culture has reached a point of peak centralization and what implications this has as we prepare for the possibility that decentralization will increase. Bitcoin is one of several technologies accelerating the transition to decentralization.

Questions for discussion

  • What are the benefits and risks of decentralization?
  • Is centralization an evil, or are there elements of centralization that Christians should value?
  • From a Biblical perspective, is decentralization a moral concept?
  • Is trusting in the authority of God, Jesus Christ, the Bible, and a local group of elders a form of centralization?


  • Our current society is moving rapidly toward financial crisis, technological disruption, and centralization, which may converge shortly and trigger a reactionary reset.
  • Centralization is not purely evil but prone to corruption by the sinfulness of human pride, deceit, theft, and violence.
  • Decentralization, and specifically Bitcoin, provides an alternative for societal reset.
  • For Christians who embrace decentralization, we must take care to approach it Biblically and not abandon our core, central commitment to the truth that God is our authority.
  • Living under God’s authority allows us to embrace the Bible as our source of truth and salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ as the only way to be saved.
  • God’s design for Christians is to live in submission to their local church elders and right relationship with one another.

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