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#13: Does the Government Own Money?

Episode 13 raises and examines two important questions for Christian believers who own or are considering owning Bitcoin

  • What if my country’s government bans or increases its regulation over Bitcoin?
  • What if my country’s government changes its tax code on Bitcoin?

God’s Word is sufficient to properly inform the Biblical worldview in all areas that pertain to life and godliness and thus we are confident that if we go to God’s Word with the right attitude and method, we can find answers for even the hard questions. God has instituted human government as a necessary part of His world and God is glorified when Christians submit to authority – even unjust authority. Submission in the realm of money requires careful analysis of the sphere of government ownership, taxation, Christian liberty, and prudent action


  • The Bible does not shy away from the tension between individual liberty and governmental authority.
  • Government is the instrument of God to defend the righteous from evildoers by protecting their property rights.
  • Money is not owned or defined by government.
  • Believers are commanded by God to submit to their government as a means of glorifying God and this submission includes paying taxes.
  • Believers who own Bitcoin can embrace that Bitcoin is “stateless” money that does not bow to any centralized control and that could be embraced by governments outside of their own in the event of excessive taxation or regulation.

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