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#12: Just Money – Equity vs Equality

In Episode 12, we see how God’s just law provides the practical framework for our physical lives and specifically our economic choices which affords us hope as we seek to live rightly in our fallen world while awaiting the return of the righteous King – Jesus.

In Episode 11, David, Will and Simon connected the truths that the world that God created is invested with His infinite wisdom which allows human beings to rule over creation, work, trade with one another, own private property, and freely engage in economic development. God designed a world where individuals are free to act independently and without coercion as they exchange labor, time, and money for goods, land, and services that enhance their sphere of life and glorify the Creator.

Individual freedom is bound by God’s perfect standard of righteousness and justice which stems from His character. No man is righteous, not even one, and that our violation of God’s law has created an infinite separation between us and God that can only be restored through the perfect righteousness of Jesus Christ.


  • God is just and He rules with equity.
  • Therefore, men must pursue equity and justice in their economic activity
  • God hates partiality and forbids it in all areas of life, but specifically in money.
  • To avoid partiality, we must be careful not to confuse equity with equality.
  • A centrally managed fiat monetary system often is plagued with partiality in the name of equality and is contrary to the mind of God.
  • Bitcoin has been designed with equity as one of its core tenets and is therefore a money that can be used by believers (and unbelievers) to uphold justice and equity
  • A free and voluntary economic system will result in unequal outcomes based on the quality and quantity of the work. This is Biblical and can be embraced by Christians.

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