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#16: Money in the Kingdom

What is God’s ultimate purpose for His Created universe and how does our work and money today and in the future fit into this grand epic?

God created man and woman to rule over the earth and despite their sinful rebellion, He has purposed to redeem mankind and restore them to rule under His authority over a restored earth.

A Biblical worldview must look forwards and backward with comprehensive confidence in God’s plan and it is with this confidence that we look forward to the steps that take us from where we are today to the “ages to come” (Eph 2:7) of God’s Eternal Kingdom where we as believers will “reign forever and ever” with God. (Rev 22:5)

Our theology can best be described as Reformed in our soteriology and Dispensational Premillennial in our eschatology. We hold our eschatology with deep conviction but readily acknowledge that it is not a gospel essential. Based upon our doctrinal convictions it is our goal tonight is to explore what the Bible tells about economic activity and money in the end times. We will restrain our enthusiasm for depth and breadth and constrain our discussion to the pertinent aspects that affect our understanding of money so that we can help you evaluate the wisdom of Bitcoin in this age.

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  • The Kingdom of God will commence with Christ’s return to rule on earth in the Millennial Kingdom and culminate in the Eternal Kingdom where God the Father and Son will rule over a recreated earth free from sin and death
  • Christians can anticipate a future in the Kingdom that is physical and where the joys of peace and prosperity can be enjoyed for eternity
  • In the Kingdom, there will be productive work for God’s people that will require economic trade and therefore money.
  • Just as believers have done since the beginning of the church age, we joyfully anticipate the return of Christ and live in the world, yet not of it.
  • Living in the world requires a comprehensive Biblical worldview and the ability to rejoice in God’s provision despite the reality that true peace and prosperity will not come until the King comes.

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