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#19: Responsibility & Self Custody

The second episode of Season 3 focuses on responsibility and self-custody, a timely and important topic for the following groups:

  • Those considering buying bitcoin but intimidated by the process
  • Those who have bought bitcoin but are storing it on an exchange
  • Those who have bought bitcoin and moved it into a single signature wallet, but considering greater levels of security
  • Those who own and self-custody bitcoin and are working to help others along this process

With great freedom comes great responsibility. The benefit of holding an asset that is a bearer instrument is that you do not have to depend on anyone else to access it or use it. The downside is that you bear the responsibility of protecting it. As always, the key is education, and we hope to provide some perspective today through a fun and engaging discussion.

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  • As Christians, we are to pursue wisdom that can help us act prudently with regard to securing our personal property.
  • With freedom comes the responsibility to become more educated and act on our knowledge to secure our assets.
  • Bitcoin self-custody can seem intimidating at first but can be learned by anyone.
  • If you do not hold the keys to your Bitcoin, you risk losing it.
  • By self-custodying your Bitcoin, you can accelerate adoption and protect yourself from foolishness in the derivatives/ETF market.
  • Take small steps to act, and don’t procrastinate.

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