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A show for Christians who love God’s Word, care about sound money, and want to learn about the moral case for Bitcoin.

#07: Epilogue – Altcoins, NFTs, Diversification

Season 1 of the Bitcoin and the Bible Podcast has focused on establishing the foundation for the moral imperative of sound money. This episode provides a summary of the first six episodes and a engaging discussion of questions submitted by listeners.

Questions discussed:

  • What about other “cryptos?” Are they something that Christians can or should own or invest in along with Bitcoin?
  • What about NFT (Non-fungible tokens)? What are they and is there a future for them with Bitcoin?
  • Isn’t investing in the stock market (particularly the S&P 500) an easier way to protect and grow your money than Bitcoin for those who do not have time to learn Bitcoin?
  • Isn’t it wise to diversify your assets so as to not put all of your eggs into one “imaginary basket?”
  • Does Bitcoin meet the standards of being an “equal weight and measure” per Proverbs 20:10?
  • Can you address the “Tower of Babel” concern that Bitcoin could become a one-world/one government money that is more dangerous than beneficial for Christians?

Resources referenced:

Stephan Livera Podcast Ethereum’s Path to Centralization with Alex B

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