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#10: Secondary Sovereignty

Is private property a Biblical concept? How does our sovereignty relate to God’s Sovereignty? What is Secondary Sovereignty?

The focus of Episode 3 will be on the interrelated concepts of private property, ownership, and sovereignty. Simon, David, and Will mine God’s Word to discern God’s will with regard to whether individuals have private ownership rights over property and from where these rights arise. Bitcoin is often described as “the apex property right” or the “first sovereign digital property” that individuals can own. Thus, we must seek wisdom from God as to whether this concept flows from the mind of God and is derivable from His Word – the Bible.


  • Private property is a Biblical concept
  • Private property rights arise out of God’s ultimate sovereignty over all the earth and His delegation of secondary sovereignty to individuals
  • Secondary Sovereignty begins with rights over one’s body, mind, ideas and extends to ownership of land, money, and other possessions
  • Property rights are not given by governments, but government exists to protect individual rights
  • Bitcoin is a form of digital property right which does not rely upon government to grant or administrate as it is not owned or managed by a central authority. Rather it represents the composite of individuals expressing their sovereign control over their money

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