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A show for Christians who love God’s Word, care about sound money, and want to learn about the moral case for Bitcoin.

#18: Walking in Faith

The first episode of Season 3 moves into the application of the truths that David, Will, and Simon have been developing in Seasons 1 and 2. Christians can rest confidently on the truth of God’s Word and seek to draw out practical behaviors and attitudes for living in the ever-changing dynamic of today’s world with Bitcoin as their savings.

Our prayer is that throughout Season 3 you will gain and retain conviction in the choice of saving in Bitcoin. Be patient and stand firm on the choice that you have made.

What happened to the Bitcoin price at the end of 2021? Can we continue to trust in its ability to hold value?

Resources Referenced:

  • Dylan Leclair tweet on Gold volatility against the Weimar German paper mark during its hyperinflation
  • Glassnode tweet regarding the recent January All-Time High (ATH) in Bitcoin mining hash rate
  • Coindesk tweet showing how Bitcoin miners are increasingly HODLing and accumulating Bitcoin rather than selling
  • Dan Held LinkedIn post comparing adoption curve to Internet adoption curve in the 1990s
  • Gab post showing the recent January All-Time High (ATH) in unique addresses with 0.1+ Bitcoin


  • Abide faithfully in Christ and rest in God’s provision
  • Continue building your spiritual and financial house on the solid foundation of Biblical truth and sound money. Build it strong so that it can withstand the storms of tomorrow.
  • Don’t get frustrated by the volatility of the Bitcoin/currency price. Rejoice in how it indicates how Bitcoin is moving through its adoption phase as the current system self-destructs.
  • Stack sats and stay humble.
  • Take time to invest work in your education and share it with others.

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