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A show for Christians who love God’s Word, care about sound money, and want to learn about the moral case for Bitcoin.

#04: You lost me @ – Bitcoin as Technology

Simon, Will, and David build on Episode 3 (Bitcoin as Money) by discussing how Bitcoin functions as a Technology. Technology growth and change can be difficult and can cause us to fear rather than embrace new technologies. Genesis 1-2 tells us that we were not created to fear the creation, but to exercise dominion over it and improve it. Tune in to hear how Christians can approach Bitcoin, understand the technology, and take steps toward embracing it as sound, free, trustworthy money.

Helpful resources referenced:

Bitcoin history infographic(Twitter)

Cypherpunks Write Code Documentary (YouTube)

Bitcoin is the Mycelium of Money (Brandon Quittem)

The Price of Tomorrow (Jeff Booth)

Questions discussed include:

  1. What is the history of Bitcoin’s technology development?

  2. Why was Bitcoin developed?

  3. Can I break Bitcoin?

  4. If I break my computer, can I lose my Bitcoin?

  5. Where does my Bitcoin live and how do I recover it?

  6. What is a public key and what is a private key?

  7. How do I learn how to setup my wallet and secure my Bitcoin?

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