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039: Code of Character | Justin Bailey

Do your actions line up with your beliefs? Does your vision for life line up with your values? Do the primary influencers in your life correspond to your mission?


Many men live lives of quiet desperation. Having no direction in their lives. They live day to day with no real vision for the future or mission to fight for. They simply roll with the punches.


What we’re talking about here is an issue of character. At the most basic level having character is having your actions line up with your beliefs. Many of us profess strong beliefs and convictions, but unfortunately our actions speak otherwise.


In this episode founder of Code of Character- Justin Bailey and I discuss this important issue of character. We talk about how when you fail in life very rarely, if ever, is it due to a lack of knowledge. We also hit on how to clarify your values so that you can start living a more consistent life…. One watermarked by character.


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