Advice for Dads

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First off I want to wish you a VERY happy father’s day and I hope your day was blessed.

Now, Today’s show is a little different than normal. Recently Andy Murphy of The Secure Dad Podcast asked me if I’d like to sit down with him and discuss several topics related to fatherhood. (Andy was on the show a while back, you can listen to his episode by going to the show notes after the show) I was honored at the request and thought our conversation would make for an excellent Fathers’ Day special edition. What’s more is that this episode marks the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the launch of the Dad Hackers podcast!🎉🎉🎉 A lot has happened over the past year and we’ve had some excellent guests. During the past year we’ve seen: ~The Dad Hackers Facebook group hit the 1K mark! ~The Dad Hackers Podcast cross the 15K download mark! ~The launch of our Iron Men Mastermind! ~Our very FIRST Dad Hackers t-shirt (no longer available, but there’s new stuff now.) ~More recently we’ve had our biggest day, biggest week, and biggest month for the podcast!

In the coming days, weeks, and months we’ll be launching more podcast episodes each week and have some great guests lined up. We’re also developing a 4 week course for dads who want to conquer anger and frustration, get a handle on their finances, carve out more time for their family, and practice patience. Look for details about the course soon.

Also, if you could help us get the word out by leaving a written review in iTunes of the show that would be much appreciated. Just take a screen shot of your review and shoot it to me via a Direct Message in either Instagram of Facebook. Include your address and as a “thank you” I’ll send YOU a free Dad Hackers window decal.