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Be a Man Who is Prepared

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There are three things every man should be armed with.

A man should be prepared. There’s always an ambush coming and it is essential as leaders in our homes that we accept the responsibility of being prepared for them.

A man should be ready to defend. There’s always a threat on the horizon, especially if you’re trying to lead your family toward deeper intimacy with Christ. Threats aren’t always physical, so we need to be ready to defend spiritually and mentally.

A man should be able to lead. We’re not talking about your pay rate here.

In our show today Joe Prim of Vigilant Wolf joins us. As you listen you’ll be challenged and encouraged to prepare, defend, and lead in your home and community.

I wanted to also let you know that we have a free resource of a 5 Days to Be a Better Challenge. Just head on over to the show notes after the show and you’ll see it there so you can join the challenge.