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Being a Christian Dad in the Midst of Significant Change

Have you ever been unemployed? Statistically speaking you are more likely to be unemployed at some point than having cancer. Each year over 20 million people go unemployed in the United States.

Often time it’s a silent journey, especially for men. As men we have a certain pride in the work that we do and then we lose a job, we often experience feelings of inadequacy, failure and worthlessness. Thus, we tend not to talk about the experience and don’t get the support needed to make it through the difficult season of life.

Author Dale Kreienkamp knows first hand what it’s like to lose a job. He has served his time in the unemployed ranks and has come out of it a better man and well-equipped to help others through the difficult journey. From the shame that can accompany unemployment, to the roller coaster of emotions, to the impact of unemployment on your family and faith life, to getting back into the job market, Dale shares with us his experience, wisdom, and sage advice.

Listen in this week as Dale shares about this often overlooked topic.

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