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How Men Can Develop Discipline and Which Areas to Focus On

Time and time again I have guys saying that they struggle with time management, or being able to balance family life with all the commitments of life. The key to gaining control over these and other areas of life boils down to self-discipline.

     Self-discipline is essentially making yourself do the things you know you need to do even if you don’t feel like doing them. And that’s where the challenge comes in. It’s relatively easy to not do something, or to rationalize, or procrastinate, or to justify. While these may seem like good choices in the short run, they result in a life filled with urgency, emergencies, and crises.

     In our interview today founder of  A New Kind of Man, Chad Zueck and I dive deep into the weeds of developing self-discipline and explore the 4 areas of life that you need to consider when evaluating your discipline growth.

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