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How Men Can Find Their Purpose By Finding Their Identity

     One of the struggles many men have is in finding their purpose in life. The problem is that many times we get things out of order. To find your purpose in life you first need to have a handle on your identity. Purpose flows out of your identity.      Mitch London, founder of Just Add Wilderness, joins us today to discuss the journey he’s gone on over the past few years. He unpacks the process God has brought him through to discover his true identity in life, slay the giants of self-doubt, limiting belief systems, and false ideas about identity, and to pursue his purpose in life.      If you want to slay the same giants, find your true identity in God and pursue your purpose in life, then you’ll definitely want to listen in to what Mitch has to say.      Get the show notes and resources at      Be sure to share this episode with one or two other men who you know will benefit from what Mitch shares with us toady.