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How To Be Intentional In Your Marriage

     If I know anything it’s that many marriages are struggling. This is a very unfortunate situation that the church is facing especially since the husband/wife relationship is supposed to model the Christ/church relationship.      What’s more is that marriages are the foundation of the family and families are the basic building blocks of the church and society. If marriages are in trouble, so is the church and so is society at large.     Often times it’s not due to a lack of desire or commitment that our marriages struggle, it’s lack of an understanding as to what makes them work and how to improve them. We can read verses in the Bible that talk about the husband-wife relationship, but when it comes down to the day to day interactions and unique circumstances, we often don’t know what to do to make things work.     Cody Chapman from On Purpose Marriage is with us today to talk about how to be intentional in your marriage and how to create a marriage that you love and others admire. We get into some very specific actions you can begin taking today to be more intentional and purposeful in your marriage. He gives us specific questions to ask our wives to help us be better husbands and leaders in our homes and several ideas for how to keep date night a priority and make it happen.     I know this one is going to help you tremendously. Even if your marriage is doing well, or your not currently married, the things Cody shares will help you.     Get the show notes at