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How To Build A Band Of Brothers

     Fellas, we’ve hit a milestone today. Episode #50! I can’t believe that we’re already 50 episodes into the podcast. It’s been an amazing ride so far. I know I’ve personally benefited a TON from the different interviews and guests we’ve had on the show. And based on the feedback I’ve received from you all I know you have been gaining a lot from it as well.

     Men, one of the regions we tend to struggle in is with developing meaningful relationships with our brothers in Christ. God put in us this need for other men to be in our lives to help sharpen us, keep us accountable, and to lock shields with as we go to battle against Satan.

     The problem is that with our busy lives, seemingly endless commitments, and responsibilities as husbands and fathers it’s extremely difficult to find or make the time to develop these kinds of relationships. Plus sometimes we feel guilty if we take time away from our families to hang with other guys.

     Additionally, issues such as trust, pride, and fear of being known hold us back from really pursuing meaningful relationships, biblical relationships with other men. And in some cases there just might not be other guys near you who are available or willing to be that “iron that sharpens iron” in your life.

     Today I’m joined by Tom Schwab. Over the years Tom has been involved in several different groups of men and has gained a lot of experience in how to develop meaningful relationships with other men. We talk about some of the issues men face as they try to develop these relationships and some possible solutions that we now have available now that the internet and social media make possible.

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