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How To Improve Communication With Your Wife

     Communication is a hot topic in many marriages. Whether you’re doing okay in your marriage, in a difficult season, or on the brink of divorce, you probably could benefit from improving your communication.

     Matt Jacobson from the Faithful Life Podcast and Faithful Man is with us today to discuss how to have a marriage that is marked by great communication. We discuss what a Biblical marriage is, specific questions to ask your wife to get to know her better, and how to train yourself to truly desire your wife (and I’m not just talking sexually either).

     Fellas, Matt is a marriage expert with a proven track record of cultivating a great marriage of his own AND investing in many other marriages that are producing good fruit. I would suggest listening to this one WITH your wife if possible.

     Also, for the ladies that listen to this podcast, while Matt talks specifically to men and some of what he explains applies only to men, much of the content can easily translate to you as well if you’re looking to improve communication with your husband.

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