How To Raise Faithful Men

Episode #48 How to Raise Faithful Men with Charles Hooper.

Fellas, one thing that comes up again and again when guys request to join our private facebook group is this fear that our kids won’t grow up to be faithful to the lord. Especially our boys. Men, we know what it’s like to grow up in this fallen and sinful world and it’s scary thinking about what our boys are now facing and what they will face as they continue to grow and mature and become adults.

Many of us didn’t grow up in a Christian home and feel like we have NO idea what we’re doing with our own families. We can be unsure of the steps we’re taking as we try to walk out our faith with our families.

Today I’m joined by Charles Hooper a father of 6 boys who are now grown men. He and I dive deep into the steps that he took to prepare himself to be a father to these boys and the actions he took as he raised these boys to be faithful men.

Also, Charles was kind enough to share with us a few resources he personally developed for this purpose so make sure you go to the show notes to get them.

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