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How To Turn Boys Into Men

Most men want to make sure that their boys grow into strong, healthy, Christ-following adults. And while this desire exists, many of us don’t know what specific steps to take to make this happen. This is especially true for those of us who didn’t have a strong father-figure in our lives, or whose fathers weren’t a strong spiritual influence to us.

Today we have Brian Molitor from Malachi Global on the show. Brian is an entrepreneur, businessman, and expert at raising boys to be men.

Personally the subject of raising boys to be men is an important subject for me as I have 2 boys of my own.

Brian shares with us several practical steps we can take to help our boys transition from childhood to adulthood. Even if you only have daughters, much of what Brian shares will apply.

Enjoy the show, but make sure you take lots of notes and then apply what he talks about.

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