Living a Life of Transparency

Episode #63 Living a life of Transparency with Ryan Frederick. Get the show notes at

Gentlemen, many of us live lives with secrets and darkness within. We profess to live in the light of Christ, but deep down there are dark corners of our lives that we’re afraid to expose.  

The truth is that we desperately want to expose these dark corners and areas of our lives, but we’re afraid to confess and face the potential consequences. Many of us have been enslaved by a habitual sin, or guilt, or shame for many years, if not decades.

Ryan Frederick of Fierce Marriage is with us today to discuss how God designed marriage to be a place where both partners can live lives of transparency and walk in the light. We talk about several hard steps you can take to expose the dark areas of your life, be freed from the guilt and shame, and move on to a more intimate, God-honoring relationship with your spouse.

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