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Making Sure Your Investments Align With Your Biblical Values

     Every man knows that he ought to be a wise steward of his finances and that making investments is a critical part of that stewardship. While we’re often concerned with the rate of return on our investments, another equally important, but not often asked question is:         Do your investments align with the Biblical values you hold dearly to?     Many times we don’t give much thought to the ethical and moral practices of the companies that we’re invested in. When you invest in a company, you’re directly supporting everything they do, stand for, and promote.     The truth is that many of the companies you invest in are actually not in alignment with Biblical values. This creates a predicament for well meaning Christians. On one hand we’re told to be wise stewards of our money and leave an inheritance for our children’s children. But on the other hand, we’re told to have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness.     So what are we to do? Stop investing? Invest against our conscience? The good news is that these aren’t our only two options.     Fortunately, Matt Holt joins us today to discuss this important and very relevant issue of Biblically Responsible Investing.      Get the show notes and resources at