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Protecting Your Children From Sexual Predators

You most likely have no idea the potential threat of sexual abuse that your children face today. In this eye-opening interview, Greg Love of Ministry Safe teaches us about the threats that face our children today from sexual predators. 

     Unfortunately, many fathers do not know or understand the extent to which our children are continually in danger of being sexually abused. He makes the distinction between the Abduction Offender and the Preferential Offender. He goes to great lengths to explain how you (an just about everyone else) have been thinking all wrong about this whole issue. Greg explains what the grooming process is and what signs to look for. 

     We, as dads, desperately want to protect our children from all potential threats. Greg exposes to us an area where we have been falling short and gives us some much needed information to equip us with what we need to know. 

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     This is probably one of the most important interviews I’ve ever done. Make sure you share this one around as much as possible so that all of our dads are equipped with what they need to know to protect their children.

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