Why Men Struggle To Lead Their Families

     Gentlemen, one of the serious issues facing the church and families today is the lack of male leadership in the home. This is not an attack against women or anything like that. God’s word is very clear that the person primarily responsible for the family is the man. True, the husband and wife work together to run things, but when it comes down to who is held most accountable by God for the family it is the man.      Personally I struggle with this. Not with the fact that I’m responsible for my family, but my struggle is with how to actually be the leader in my home. I also know that many other men have this same struggle as well. Many of us are trail blazers of the faith in our families-we didn’t grow up in a Christian home, but are trying to create on of our own. Therefore we don’t have an example to fall back on and to look toward for when we have families of our own. Add to this family of origin issues, difficulty with being consistent, lack of patience, and just general exhaustion and stress, it becomes very difficult for us to know how to lead our families Biblically.      Isaac Tolpin knows exactly what we’re going through. In our episode today he walks us through several of the steps he took to figure out how to lead his family in a Christ-like manner as well as several mindset shifts you may need to make to better equip you to lead your family like you want to.

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