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Didaché – Help for Alex

Alex Malarkey was just 6 years old when a car accident left him quadriplegic. Shortly after the accident, Alex claimed that he went to Heaven, and in 2010, a book was published telling his story titled “The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven.” But then, a few years later, a true miracle occurred in Alex’s life. No, it was not his physical healing, but his spiritual healing – God saved him.

Alex did exactly what you would expect a true Christian to do: he came out and told the truth that he did not go to Heaven at all. However, Alex and his mother, Beth, are being evicted by the husband/father, Kevin Malarkey, who lives in another state. Beth and Alex desperately need financial help. Please tune in to the podcast and donate to the GoFundMe account set up in Alex’s name if you can. Thank you so very much.