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Didaché – Let’s Talk About the Shape of the Earth: An Interview with Dr. Danny Faulkner and an ISS Astronaut

In a comprehensive episode of Didache, Justin Peters delves into the contentious debate surrounding the Flat Earth theory. He brings in Dr. Danny Faulkner, a physicist with Answers in Genesis and author of “Falling Flat,” to counter common Flat Earth arguments. They address various claims, including the visibility of distant objects, the Antarctic Treaty, and supposed biblical support for a flat Earth, providing scientific and biblical rebuttals.

The episode also includes interviews with Colonel Jeff Williams, a Christian astronaut, and Dr. Jason Lisle, adding credibility to their refutations with firsthand space experience and astrophysical insights. Peters and Faulkner aim to reach those swayed by Flat Earth rhetoric, offering a reasoned discussion emphasizing scientific evidence’s consistency with a spherical Earth and the misinterpretation of Scripture by Flat Earth proponents.