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Didaché – Rick Warren Lies About Charles Spurgeon

Rick Warren, former pastor of Saddleback Church, was recently appointed as Chancellor of Spurgeon’s College. This raised not a few eyebrows, given that Warren is now fully egalitarian, meaning that he embraces women as preachers and pastors. Warren assures us that his theology and that of Charles Spurgeon are “identical” on this issue.

Is that true?

I interviewed Dr. Ed Romine, who recently wrote his doctoral dissertation on Charles Spurgeon, and posed the question to him. I know Ed quite well. He is a good guy doing really good, important work. If you want to financially support Ed’s ministry, please click this link and choose the ” Romine Support ” dropdown menu item.” Donating monthly would be a huge blessing. Thank you! Dr. Ed Romine’s email address and follow on Twitter.