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058: The Second One About Head Coverings: Answering Questions

Part two on Head Coverings as we answer your comments, questions, and objections! Be sure to listen to part 1 first!


Part one:


R.C. Sproul video link:


0:00 Introduction

2:26 Isn’t the hair the covering?

7:15 Isn’t this about indicating gender?

12:04 What about cultural symbolism?

15:14 RC Sproul on principles and customs

18:50 What about the holy kiss?

21:44 What about foot-washing?

26:05 What about the Nazirite vow?

33:22 But it’s only one passage…

35:55 Did Paul say this wasn’t his custom?

38:35 Why is the covering not 24/7?

40:41 When there’s a disagreement at home

46:59 When there’s a disagreement at church

51:17 When church leaders change their minds

53:42 Final questions and challenges

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