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114: Critiquing Covenant Theology (Hermeneutics and Covenants)

Jeremy begins a walk-through of dispensational critiques of the Covenant Theology system, beginning with hermeneutics and the covenants.

2023, “Does God Have Hidden Meanings?”:

2021, “Critiquing the Reformed Hermeneutic, Part One”:

Peter Goeman’s response to Covenant Theology’s view of Hosea 6:7:–Ep-163-e2erjhn

Jeremy’s chart on the biblical covenants:


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0:00 Music

1:12 Introduction

5:09 Support Us

6:21 The Table

7:39 Hermeneutics

20:55 Covenant of Redemption

30:27 Covenant of Works

37:25 Covenant of Grace

45:44 The Biblical Covenants

50:37 Conclusion