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119: Responding to Your Covenant Theology Comments!

Jeremy finishes up the four-part series critiquing covenant theology by responding to your comments.

Get the Covenant Theology/Dispensationalism comparison chart here:

Our interview with Austin Brown on 4-point Calvinism:


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0:00 Music

1:12 Introduction

2:50 Support Us

4:19 Importance of the Issue

8:39 Download the Table

11:00 Heresy?

12:19 Jesus Reigning as King

21:48 Elect-Gathering as Israel’s Restoration

24:29 Limited Atonement Issues

30:21 The Church and the New Covenant

35:25 Forever and Everlasting

37:06 Cov Theo as Replacement Theo

41:31 Waste of Life

43:00 Wrap-Up


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