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121: Deep Dive into Mormonism’s Gospel Message (Response to Brad Wilcox)

Jeremy does some apologetics today, using his extensive knowledge of Mormonism to dissect the new LDS spin on “grace” in their gospel message.

Jeremy’s article on Brad Wilcox:


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0:00 Introduction

2:32 The Issue

5:50 The Mormon Gospel

10:08 What the Bible Says

16:38 Brad Wilcox Introduction

18:57 Relationship Language

24:15 Qualifying through Personal Worthiness

31:18 Re-Defining Sin and Grace

36:26 Allan Packer on Meeting God’s Standards

42:21 Russell Nelson on Earning Eternal Life

47:00 Brad Wilcox on Grace to Earn Godhood

52:05 Becoming Divine

55:52 Working toward Eternal Life

1:00:12 Demonic Blasphemy

1:01:50 Re-Defining Salvation

1:04:49 Mormon “Grace” Is Still Works

1:09:43 Concluding Thoughts

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