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122: Dr. Richard Bargas: Drawing the Line on Secondary Doctrines (DTE #10)

Dr. Richard Bargas, Executive Director of IFCA International, joins Jeremy for a rare in-person interview. They discuss the goals of the IFCA and why the organization holds to the secondary doctrinal distinctions that it does.


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0:00 Introduction

0:30 Almost a Cop

6:24 Called to Ministry

10:16 Time at BIOLA

16:07 Ministry in LA

31:01 Leading IFCA International

35:20 IFCA’s Doctrinal Convictions

43:57 Handling Secondary Issues

47:01 Traditions and Denominations

52:22 Diversity within the IFCA

59:24 IFCA’s Influence and Future

1:10:15 The Size of the IFCA

1:11:33 Conclusion