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123: Former Full Preterist Sam Frost Speaks Out (DTE #11)

Formerly a prominent author and speaker in full preterism, Dr. Samuel Frost is now one of the most outspoken Bible teachers against it. He’s the author of the book Why I Left Full Preterism, which can be found on Amazon:

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0:00 Intro

1:35 PCUSA Elder

8:02 Our Eschatological Positions

8:55 Personal Religious Evolution

13:27 Embracing Partial Preterism

21:47 Exposure to Full Preterism

31:33 Doug Wilson, Jeff Durbin, Gary Demar

41:01 Is Full Preterism Damnable Heresy?

50:22 Partial Preterism Can’t Last

54:18 New Bodies in Heaven

56:48 The New Earth

59:33 Leaving Full Preterism

1:07:41 Preterism Leading to Other False Views

1:11:02 Relationship Conflicts Since Leaving

1:13:35 Current Influence of Full Preterism