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127: Christian Nationalism: Working toward a Working Definition

In this first episode of a multi-part series, Jeremy spends time offering a definition of Christian Nationalism. Not only does he give a definition based off of his studies, but he also spends time responding to Joel Webbon’s “Three Basic Beliefs of All Christian Nationalists.” There’s also a short clip played (and responded to) from Doug Wilson’s message, “Postmillennialism,” that was given at Joel Webbon’s recent conference.

Joel Webbon’s original video:

Doug Wilson’s message on Postmillennialism:


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0:00 Disclaimer

3:48 Music

5:01 Introducing the Issues

9:40 Jeremy’s Definition of CN

13:05 Introducing Webbon’s Episode

15:49 Webbon on Christianizing Culture

18:50 CN Is Not Merely Cultural Engagement

23:07 CN Is Christianizing Politics

26:10 CN’s View of the Great Commission

30:52 CN’s Postmillennial Influence

36:12 Webbon on the Ten Commandments

40:30 What Law Can and Can’t Do

45:33 How the Church Engages Government

50:05 Webbon on Strategic Political Power

52:35 CN Seeks Political Power

55:47 Wilson on Being at Home in the World

58:49 Final Thoughts