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128: The Postmill Foundation of Christian Nationalism

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In this second episode of a multi-part series, Jeremy dives into the kingdom theology that drives Christian Nationalism. He makes the case that the CN movement is inextricably tied to Postmillennialism because it requires believers to strive for political power with the view that Christ’s kingdom will be established before He returns.

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0:00 Music

1:13 Introduction

2:23 Jeremy’s Definition of Christian Nationalism

3:44 Views of Church and Kingdom

11:18 Christian Nationalism Is Postmillennial

14:26 The Statement on Christian Nationalism

18:46 Psalm 110 and Acts 2

25:32 Believing Nations Are in Covenant Now

33:03 Believing All Nations Will Repent

34:21 Believing Christ’s Kingdom Is Here

39:25 Joe Boot on Only One Kingdom

56:57 The Christian Prince and Revival

1:05:04 Pushback: The Kingdom Comes with Christ

1:11:20 Pushback: Kings will Fight Him

1:14:02 Pushback: We are Called to Wait

1:17:53 A Final Thought on Imminency