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129: Christian Nationalism’s Commission for the Church (pt 3)

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In this third episode of a multi-part series, Jeremy dives into the commission given to the Church within the Christian Nationalism worldview. Though it can be difficult to find Christian Nationalists going on-record about what they believe the Church has been tasked to do in the here-and-now, Jeremy shares the sound bites he’s found and analyzes what he hears.


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0:00 Music

1:13 Introduction

4:53 Analyzing Definitions: What & How

6:40 Statement on Christian Nationalism

8:53 Stephen Wolfe

12:00 Doug Wilson

15:07 Joel Webbon

18:20 A.D. Robles

21:02 Voddie Baucham and Tom Ascol


26:11 Jeff Durbin

28:43 CN Makes Political Reform the Church’s Goal

31:10 Jeff Durbin Again

35:47 Andrew Sandlin

42:04 CN Believes We Convert Nations as Nations

46:39 Jeff Durbin Once More

49:21 Dusty Deevers

52:09 CN Desires to Legislate the Law of Moses

55:05 Joel Webbon Again

59:38 Mayberry & Norman Rockwell’s America

1:02:53 CN Are Prolific Content Creators

1:05:43 The Moscow Billboard Campaign

1:07:04 The Failure of

1:10:35 Retort 1: We’re Not Tasked with World Domination

1:19:08 Retort 2: Public Reform Is Secondary to Evangelism

1:25:55 Conclusion