Sports and the Church

There has recently been a large controversy surrounding a high school cheerleader. The picture shows a high school cheerleader dressed in her uniform but not participating with her team at a basketball game. The reason she is sitting off to the side by herself is because her cheer coach made her sit out because she missed practice on a Wednesday evening so she could attend Church.

On this episode, I want to talk about what is right and wrong about what happened. As you can guess, the internet was set ablaze by Christians and non-Christians alike with differing opinions. I want to take a biblical look at this, but I don’t want to target this instance in this episode. I want to look at sports and church as a whole, whether the sporting event falls on a Sunday or a Wednesday. So many professing believers will miss many Sundays because of sporting events. This has truly become an epidemic in the Church, and something must be done.

I’d love to hear your thoughts concerning this very thing.


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