30 || Path of Life Part 2

Eric Szymanski and Jacob Secor explore a new series about the Path of Life from Galatians 2 in episode 30.

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Thanks and Blessings!

We start a new journey in the book of Galatians. Below you will find an outline of each section of scripture. We believe a better understanding of Jesus will guide us on a path to give God glory in our everyday life. Join us on the journey.

1. True Life (2:20)

John Calvin: The word death is always hateful to man’s mind. Having said that we are nailed to the cross along with Christ, Paul adds that this makes us alive. At the same time he explains what he meant by ‘living to God’. He (Paul) does not live by his own life but is animated by the secret power of Christ, so that Christ may be said to live and grow in him...For, as the soul quickens the body, so Christ imparts life to His members.

2 Corinthians 5:14-21

2. Ignoring Jesus (2:21)

Romans 6:1-11

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