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Allen Nelson: God’s Holiness

Allen Nelson is the author of “Before the Throne: Reflections on God’s Holiness,” and joins me this month to discuss God’s Holiness, with discussion based on his book. Allen is pastor Perryville Second Baptist Church in Perryville, Arkansas. He also wrote “From Death to Life: How Salvation Works,” the subject of our discussion the first time he was on the show, and he writes for Things Above, a Christian group blog dedicated to Missions, Evangelism, Theology, and Sports.

Outline of the Discussion

    God’s Undoubtable Holiness
  • There is no question that God is Holy.
  • Scripture is sufficient.
  • We must get God right!
  • We are to be holy, as God is Holy!
  • God is Unspeakably Holy
  • Language has its limits, so we can’t describe the extents of God’s Holiness.
  • Everything God wants us to know is in the scriptures.
  • The infinite nature of God is reflected in Creation through the vastness of the universe and the concept of infinity in mathematics.
  • The Trinity is likewise an attribute of God that we can know about in concept, but can’t fully exhaust the limits of.
  • God’s Holiness is untamable
  • We want to bring God onto our side rather than seeking to be on His.
  • God can not be “domesticated.”
  • God is after His own glory.
  • There is a futility in our quest for familiarity with God. It’s like grilling burgers on the back porch while a tornado is barrelling down on you.
  • If the blind spot of the Puritans was morbid introspection, our blind spot is to be overly familiar.
  • We can approach God through Jesus Christ, but still must do so with reverence and respect.
  • We used to be called “God fearers,” but we don’t hear that phrase any more.
  • God’s Holiness is Unblemishable
  • It’s easy to equate holiness with purity. It does mean pure, but it means so much more.
  • God is sovereign over every speck of dust in the universe, yet His hands are not dirty with sin in any way.
  • There is a way to view sin that demonstrates that all sin is a form of blasphemy. When we sin, we testify (as creatures made in His image) that this is what God is like. Because He is sinless, such testimony is blasphemous. Every sin is cosmic treason, it besmirches His glory, and communicates that God is not glorious.
  • The Holy dilemma is the idea that God must “grade on a curve.” God is not obligated to save anyone.
  • There is an objectivity to Beauty, and beauty in the creation points like arrows to the majesty of God.
  • God has unmatchable holiness
  • There is no one like our God. There are no comparisons.
  • Angels are majestic beings, yet they are incomparable to God.
  • Proper worship points us to God.
  • “The more I understand God, the less I want to talk about me. I want to talk about Him!”
  • Unquestionable Holiness
  • Unquestionably, God is Holy!
  • God is Holy in all things: His love, His mercy, His justice, etc.
Scriptures Referenced
  • Revelation 4:11
  • Jeremiah 36
  • 1 Peter 1:15
  • Jeremiah 9:23-24
  • Isaiah 6:3
  • Revelation 4:8
  • Psalm 50:21
  • Isaiah 66:2
  • Genesis 3:12
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  • Deuteronomy 29:29
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